Updated ARProfPack

Added two independent filters for bar profiles.

Updated GL++ pack v.9.1.1

Update for NT7 ARPOCsPro v7.0.10.0

Improved graphics, vertical volumes and session profiles.

Updated GL++ and ARPOCs packs

Minor update ARPOCsPro8 and GLNT8

Fixed crash the Script editor and the Output window.

Update for NT8 ARPOCsPro v8.0.6.8

Improved graphics and session profiles. Added option to display the PA.

Critical update for NinjaTrader 8

After a mandatory update for all NinjaTrader 8 Beta users, we got some critical error with our indicator. All customers must download and install latest version of ARPOCsPRO.

Release of the beta version of GL++ for NT8

Update indicators ARProfPack v1.1.0

Updated to version indicators ARPOCs x.0.1.0. Fixed search squeeze and made some improvements to the algorithms and user interface.